Toni Perttula is a true musical blacksmith. His open-minded experimentation with diverse musical styles and genres has forged a path towards creating his own unique musical approach and identity.

PERTTULA´s lyrical accordion playing is accompanied by the primal, rhythmic beating of hammers and anvils found in a blacksmith's workshop, inviting the listener into a new world where sounds are melted and manipulated by a musical blacksmith into a whole new form.

PERTTULA’s upcoming solo album Pajavasara / Forge Hammer is auniquely handcrafted Finnish creation, containing strong folk music influences, dark soundscapes and primal rhythms. Like the process of a blacksmith, Perttula creates something timeless and extraordinary from his carefully selected source elements.

Debut album Pajavasara / Forge Hammer will be released 14th of May, 2021.

Digital singles Talvenselkä / Height of Winter out 21th of December 2020 and Rauta / Iron 5th of March, 2021.

Toni Perttula, Accordion, programming